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Hometown Champs is the Highlight Source for your favorite pro Baseball, Football or Basketball team with special emphasis on season highlights for World Series, Super Bowl, and NBA Title winners.   We also carry season highlights for NCAA Football and Basketball.


San Francisco Giants official World Series Film from Major League Baseball Productions.  More details on page 2.

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Denver Broncos Greatest Moments on DVD or Blu-Ray. 

More details on page 3. 

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In addition, we carry “The Greatest Moments,” and “The History” of NFL Football teams like the Denver Broncos, the Dallas Cowboys, the New York Giants and many more. 

All of our products are officially licensed highlights from NFL Films, Major League Baseball Productions, the NBA or  the NCAA.  They’re available on both DVD and Blu-ray and make perfect Christmas or birthday presents for that avid fan on your shopping list.

Relive the sights and sounds of your hometown team’s glorydays on DVD or Blu-ray, and watch special features and interviews with your favorite hometown players. 

Currently, Hometown Champs is featuring the San Francisco Giants Official World Series Film from Major League Baseball Productions and the “Denver Broncos Greatest Moments” from NFL Films.

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Hometown Champs is your one-stop shop for recent NBA, NFL, MLB, College Football and College Basketball Champsionship season highlights.  


1. What year did the Giants move to SF from New York?  A) 1958, B) 1959 or C) 1960.

2. What year did the SF Giants win their 1st National League title?  A) 1961, B) 1962 or C) 1963.

3. What pitcher set a team record with 48 saves in a season? A) Rod Beck, B) Gaylord Perry, C) Rob Nen, or D) Todd Worrell.

4. How many times did Juan Marichal win 25 or more games? A) zero, B) once, C) twice, or D) three times.

5. What was hall-of-famer Willie McCovey's number? A) 36, B) 24, C) 55 or D) 44.

6. Who was the 1st SF Giant to hit 50 or more HRs?  A) Willie Mays, B) Willie McCovey, or C) Barry Bonds.

7. In what year did the Giants break the 3-million mark in attendance?  A) 1969, B) 1979 or C) 2000.

8. In which ballpark did the Giants first play after moving to SF? A) Bay Field, B) Candlestick Park, C) Seals Stadium, or D) Kezar Stadium.


1) A, 2) B, 3) A, 4) D, 5) D, 6) A, 7) C, 8) C.


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